Welcome to : The Science and Faith Investigation    (for school years 6 & 7)

The 75 minutes spent with the class aims to engendering discernment and objective thinking in the pupils. Skills that they could well do with as they look to life ahead.
"Education aims at enabling children to think"
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Children in yr 6 and 7 find that the Science and Faith Investigation brings a wow factor as they learn new things about science. What can science do and what are its limitations..........

                           ......the Year 6 class teacher was really delighted with the session you and your colleague did with Year 6. The children were very keen to share the things that they had been doing! Thank you very much.

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Schools who have had the
Science and Faith
Hawkesley Church Prinary Academy
St Paul's Catholic Primary School
Broadmeadow Junior School
Lightwoods Primary School
Kings Norton Junior School
The Oaks Primary School
St Bernadette's Cahtolic Primary School
They are personally tested as they learn how reliable or otherwise are the things or people that they have Faith in.

Next they use science to investigate and test the reliability of historical accounts, the class finally all ending up in Court.

They spend the last fifteen minutes as the Jury in a trial to weigh the evidence of Jesus rising from the dead, the most significant of events recorded in history